We had the pleasure of collaborating with a cosmetics and skincare company based in Israel.

The Brief
SKINOLIFE embarked on the exciting journey of launching their new product range and brand in the United Kingdom and northern Europe

Their aim was clear: to make a compelling visual statement while also educating potential customers and establishing a strong brand identity. The company's request was straightforward – they needed three unique videos, each showcasing a flagship skincare product. These videos were not just essential for their broader marketing campaign; they also took the spotlight as hero banners on their website and were shared across social media channels and email marketing.

Working closely with their marketing team and following the provided brief, we focused on developing a clear visual strategy for the trio of video assets

Our goal was simple – to leave a lasting impression. To achieve this, we chose vibrant colours, an upbeat tone, and distinct backgrounds to grab the viewer's attention instantly. Each background colour was carefully matched to the product's theme, creating a unique but harmonious visual identity. To help the client visualize the end result, we created a mood board and developed clear scripts and narratives for each video.

After receiving client approval, we set up a custom studio set and filmed the products against a variety of backgrounds. Using creative filming techniques, we brought the products to life, adding a sense of motion and vitality. During the editing phase, we refined these techniques by incorporating animated elements into the videos. Motion graphics, text overlays, thoughtfully selected music, and subtle sound effects were seamlessly blended to breathe life into each narrative.

Skin Of Life Collage Of Work
Skinolife seamlessly integrated our assets across all planned marketing channels

Once the final video assets were approved, the company seamlessly integrated them across all planned marketing channels. These videos took centre stage as hero banners on their main website, offering visitors a fresh and engaging introduction to the company and its products. This captivating visual transformation immediately caught the eye of customers, boosting sales and establishing a distinctive brand identity that set them apart from competitors.

  • Distinctive brand identity

  • Used across all marketing channels.

  • Website hero banners

  • Boosted sales

  • Setting Skinolife apart from their competitors

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